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Oracle E-Business Suite

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ApplStream® is installed on client's server. Stand-alone installation, direct access to EBS data.
Imagine anybody in your company being able to view all EBS data in just 5 hours.


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We Install it remotely
less than 5 hours


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WHAT IS ApplStream®?

ApplStream® is a business intelligence and comprehensive reporting solution for Oracle EBS in key functional areas such as: Finance, Logistic and production. ApplStream® gives Oracle EBS a new dimension for Business Intelligence, pleasing every user!

The extensive knowledge of Oracle EBS's data model has enabled us to create a unique modular system, here is a list of supported modules.


Payables, Receivables, Cash Flow, General Ledger - Detail Transactions, Horizontal time, Balance, Fixed Assets, Budget Planning


Inventory, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, iProcurement, Project costs and revenues, Advanced Planning System


Bill of Materials (structured), Work in Process, Manufacturing Resource, Engineering Change Order

How to Eliminate Negative Effects of Oracle E-Business Suite Implementation

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ApplStream® gives Oracle EBS a new dimension for Business Intelligence, pleasing every user with the goal of achieving fast and real time access to data.

- After installing ApplStream® you will no longer need any Oracle EBS consultant, no need for creating new SQL queries to find specific data, no server downtimes due to cumbersome queries.
- ApplStream® solution significantly reduces time to access Oracle EBS data and prevents server downtime.
- Unlimited number of users per EBS Business Unit.
- Unlimited number of reports.
- Competitively priced, price is per module and not per user.
- 1 day installation, immediate access to data.
- 2-3 days staff training.
- ROI in 50 days.

ApplStream® is about delivering Relevant and Reliable information to the Right People at the Right Time.

ApplStream searching

ApplStream® adds functions to Oracle EBS and for other ERP

Instantly access and aggregate data.
Extend search easily.
Search and track down data using hyperlinks.
Match data from multiple resources.
Create customized reports.
Extensively analyze any dataset to find the most significant trend changes and their root causes.

ApplStream sumarization

ApplStream® actually is designed for a large and complex fields of

Financial Aanalysis
Inventory management
Production management
Detailed Data Analysis Report
Plus a Lot More...

ApplStream dashboard

Who is ApplStream® solution

Instant access to the data.
Fast & Easy modification of the search.
Ease of data traceability.
Fast customization of the reports.
Users can create very specific report on demand and in a very short time.
Receive key data and reports and visualize data on one click.




  • Detailed Data Analysis Report (DDAR)

    DDAR extensively analyzes any dataset and finds the most significant trend changes and their root causes.

    - Identifies and visualizes problems
    - Defines value (loss of sales, production time, HR, ROI etc.)
    - Prioritizes according to importance
    - Explains where the problems are
    - Tracks problems in time
    - Defines ownership
    - Defines actionable tasks to be resolved
    - Controls the corrective actions
    - Prevents future problems and improves troubleshooting (knowledge database)

A dynamic link between modules allows information to be enriched with various details and other related pieces of information. Specific details or related data in another module is easily accessible via a simple click on an active entity.

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